The Girl in the Bubble: Alyssa Milano Meets ‘Caricature of a Villain’ Ted Cruz to Find Out if He’s ‘Really a Human with a Heartbeat’

[Screenshot from The Hill via Twitter,] Alyssa Milano’s trajectory is certainly an unusual one. The television actress appears to have, for some reason, elected herself as a governmental leader. Beyond that, she’s my personal heartbreak: What began with polite expressions of political views has evolved into rude shouts from Read more…


Alyssa Milano Challenged Ted Cruz to a Debate, and I Don’t Think She Knows What She’s In For

Say what you will about Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas but we know a few things for sure. The guy is funny and witty, he’s a bit of a nerd, and he’s one of the best damn debators currently walking the halls of Washington. If you’re stepping into a debate Read more…


Ted Cruz Explains to Alyssa Milano the Correlation Between the Bible and the Right to Use a Gun for Self-Defense

Senator Ted Cruz speaks at the George H.W. Bush Commemorative Center in Midland, Texas for a campaign stop Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018. Cruz is on his bus tour campaigning before the mid-term elections. (Mark Rogers/Odessa American via AP) In the aftermath of the horrific random mass shooting Saturday in Midland Read more…


Alyssa Milano Has a Wild Plan to Save America, and It’s as Wondrous as You Might Expect – Featuring Attorney General Cory Booker

Actress-turned-political-leader Alyssa Milano took to The Hill Tuesday to dole out her prescription for a fix to all of America’s problems. All the nation’s woes are — if you weren’t sure — Donald Trump. In her op-ed, the Who’s the Boss star first derides CNN, seemingly for their failure to Read more…


A Pastor Responds to Alyssa Milano’s Abortion Celebration With The #GreatJoy Movement

First puppy. #greatjoys Last week, in an episode of her podcast, “Sorry Not Sorry,” Alyssa Milano revealed she’d had two abortions in 1993. The vacuous actress is so happy she made that decision because, if she had not, she said, “My life would be completely lacking all its great joys. Read more…


Unfathomable: Alyssa Milano Tweets for Gun Control, Pulls the Trigger Against Basic Common Sense

Some people can’t understand the concept of defending oneself against deadly attacks. On Sunday, actress-turned-ill-informed-political-bullhorner Alyssa Milano tweeted the following: “BREAKING: UNFATHOMABLE! The NRA is seeking MORE constitutional protection for guns. While McConnell is doing nothing to protect us from gun violence, Dem Senators are filing an amicus brief tomorrow Read more…


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