Nearly 500 Musicians Boycotting Amazon-Sponsored Events Over ICE Contracts

Almost 500 artists – most of them relatively unknown – have signed an open letter stating that they will boycott concerts, namely the Intersect Music Festival sponsored by Amazon Web Services, until Amazon relinquishes its contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Read more…


Amazon Is So Huge – It Dictates Terms to Almost Everyone on Almost Everything

The Crony Joke’s On Us One of the very many national course corrections President Donald Trump is making – is renegotiating REALLY-bad-for-US global trade deals. We have been the planet’s largest economy for more than half a century.  Our current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $19.4 trillion. And our trade Read more…


Amazon’s Alexa To Accept 2020 Presidential Candidate Donations After Company’s CEO Warns Trump Is ‘Dangerous’

The anti-Trump Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos is rolling out a new feature in October that will allow Alexa users to make campaign donations to 2020 presidential candidates using the virtual voice assistant. Amazon unveiled its new Alexa Political Contributions feature on Wednesday, informing users it must Read more…


That Feel When The Feds Notice You: Big Tech Facing Several Anti-Trust Probes

While social media applications like Twitter and Facebook continue to battle allegations they engage in “viewpoint discrimination”, a bigger — arguably potentially much more disruptive — investigation is beginning to take shape, and Big Tech ought to be thinking of ways to tighten up. While Google has been negotiating an Read more…


When You’re Worth $906 Billion – You Can Buy a LOT of Government

Uber-huge Big Tech company Amazon – is a monster (Market Cap: $906 billion).  Amazon founder and chief bottle washer Jeff Bezos – is the world’s richest human. It appears that from their July 5, 1994 beginning – getting huge was Bezos’ only objective.  For nearly two decades, Amazon Retail sacrificed Read more…


Amazon’s Once Hard-Wired $10 Billion Crony Pentagon Deal – Keeps Fraying

We less government types are perpetually chagrined by the very many failings of government. We want government to do so very little – per the Constitution.  Yet government does so very much – in defiance of the Constitution. We would like government to do things well.  But we know human Read more…


Brazil Tells G7 to Keep Their Aid Money, then Burns World Leaders by Telling Them What They Can Do With It

While the leaders at the G7 summit may have felt good about drumming up $20 million for Brazil to help fight the fires in the Amazon, Brazil is shrugging it off and adding a few choice words for these leaders to boot. According to The Hill, Brazil representatives said that Read more…


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