SnapChat CEO: Antitrust Investigations Will Do Nothing To Stop Facebook’s Anti-Competitive Behavior

The Federal Trade Commission is currently conducting an antitrust investigation into Facebook’s monopolistic practices and violations of antitrust law, a probe that will soon be led by the Department of Justice. The federal government’s investigations will do nothing to stop Facebook’s relentless anti-competitive conduct in the foreseeable future, warns Snapchat’s CEO Read more…


That Feel When The Feds Notice You: Big Tech Facing Several Anti-Trust Probes

While social media applications like Twitter and Facebook continue to battle allegations they engage in “viewpoint discrimination”, a bigger — arguably potentially much more disruptive — investigation is beginning to take shape, and Big Tech ought to be thinking of ways to tighten up. While Google has been negotiating an Read more…


Monopoly: ‘One Size Fits All’ – Fits Hardly Anyone At All

I’m 6’5” – and a bit of a weight gym rat. “One Size Fits All” – just about never, ever fits me. In fact, “One Size Fits All”…is a monopoly – and thus fits hardly anyone at all. One-size-fits-none monopolies – are always a bad idea. Government monopolies are particularly Read more…


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