Bill Maher Tells Bill and Hillary to Stay Far Away from the 2020 Convention: ‘We Can’t be Associating Them with the Democratic Party’

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton waves to the crowd before a conversation with Laurene Powell Jobs at OZY Fest in Central Park on Saturday, July 21, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP) Could Hillary Clinton make a comeback? Personally, I think she Read more…


Bill Maher Offers Trump a Bribe to Resign

Paging the feds. Sure sounds like liberal television host Bill Maher just offered President Donald Trump a bribe to resign. Maher offered Trump $1 million during his Friday night show, according to The Hill. And maybe a lot more. “Just take my check for $1 million,” Maher, a long-standing Trump Read more…


Bill Maher Slams the Far Left and Their ‘Bullsh–.’ What, Then, of the Future?

Are you tired of the far Left’s bullsh**? Bill Maher is. So says Bill Maher. Bill occupies an interesting space these days — he’s most certainly a hardcore partisan Democrat, but he’s also a bit of an old-school liberal. The effect of that combination, it appears to me, is that Read more…


Whoopi Goldberg Shocks the World with a Statement About Conservatives

[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,] On Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg had — get ready for it — some nice things to say about the conservative cause. Yes — you read that correctly. During a discussion on The View, the ladies waxed on Ellen DeGeneres’s goofily controversial friendship with George W. Bush. Read more…


Are We Seeing the End to the Domination of Mainstream Culture by the “Woke” SJW Crowd?

Social justice infected everything from movies and the news media, to corporations and universities. No matter where you turned, you were getting preached to about morals by the last people on Earth who should be telling us what our morals should be. While many vehemently resisted the nonsensical jabbering of Read more…


Leftist Comedian Bill Maher Calls for the Rejection of Radical Fringe Democrats, Bashes PC Culture

Leftist comedian and show host Bill Maher is not happy about the radicals that have taken over the Democratic party, and like other leftists who have grown sick of it, Maher is speaking out against them. New York Times Magazine interviewed Maher and the first question posed to him was Read more…

Bill Maher Blasts Cancel Culture: SJW’s Don’t Want Justice. They Want Scalps

In a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine, Real Time host Bill Maher spoke out on the increasing intensity of cancel culture. To Bill — and, possibly, you — this present generation is weak. But here’s an oddity: a group known for their fragility has become a muscled Read more…


Bill Maher Hilariously Calls Out Woke White Liberals By Suggesting A ‘Honky Tax’

Bill Maher is often hit or miss with his comedy and his social analysis, and he’s almost never what one would call conservative in his approach. But in a recent closing segment from his show, he took a pretty nice blowtorch to the ridiculousness of white liberals being embarrassed and Read more…


MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Tells Bill Maher the Network’s Trump Insanity Has Damaged the Democratic Party

On Friday’s installment of Real Time with Bill Maher, erstwhile MSNBC host Krystal Ball delivered a message that would’ve been at home on RedState: Her former network’s coverage of President Trump has only served to hurt Democrats. Bill asked: “Do you feel [that] networks like MSNBC, which you used to Read more…


Bill Maher Responds to David Koch’s Death: ‘F*** Him,’ ‘I Hope the End Was Painful.’ What Have We Become?

For some conservatives, Bill Maher is surely a mixed bag. The outspoken pundit makes no bones about his liberal Democratic ways, and those doubtlessly define him; but from time to time, he hits on realities not too often recognized by the far left wing. Apropos, Bill’s none too much for Read more…


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