Are We Seeing the End to the Domination of Mainstream Culture by the “Woke” SJW Crowd?

Social justice infected everything from movies and the news media, to corporations and universities. No matter where you turned, you were getting preached to about morals by the last people on Earth who should be telling us what our morals should be. While many vehemently resisted the nonsensical jabbering of Read more…


Homicidal Ukrainian Dwarves, Weird Academic Studies and More: Are We Doomed?

Welcome to Are We Doomed? a weekly column in which I will take the latest news and try to determine if it’s all downhill from here. This week, we’ve dealt with homicidal Ukrainian babywomen with dwarfism, a really weird “academic” study, and the stupidity of cancel culture. On the plus side, we’ve Read more…


Douchebag Reporter Who Tried To Ruin Good Samaritan’s Life Is Now Playing the Victim After He Was Fired

You guys all remember Aaron Calvin, right? Last weekend, a guy named Carson King made a viral appeal for beer money which brought in over $1 million. King donated the money to a children’s hospital. @CollegeGameDay @KirkHerbstreit @davidpollack47 @MariaTaylor @ESPNCFB I turned my gameday sign for @BuschBeer into a fundraiser Read more…


How The Des Moines Register’s Explanation of Their Actions Makes Everything So Much Worse

CREDIT: Brandon Morse, copyright If you’ve been following the story of the Des Moines Register and Carson King, the man who raised a million dollars for a children’s hospital, then you’ll know that the Register is what can only be described as the villain in this tale. If you Read more…


Mike Cernovich Addresses “Cancel Culture” After Aaron Calvin Fired From Des Moines Register

Right-leaning author, lawyer, and journalist Mike Cernovich addressed “cancel culture” in an open letter to Aaron Calvin, the former Des Moines Register reporter who was fired after old tweets surfaced which showed him using vulgar language. Before addressing the letter, here’s the brief backstory: Carson King is a 24-year-old Iowan Read more…


Anheuser-Busch Shouldn’t Get Off Light for Caving to “Cancel Culture” Against a Charitable Man

If you’ve been following the saga of one Carson King, an Iowa man who raised over $1 million for a children’s hospital then you’ll know that ballet that occurred between King, the Des Moines Register, and the beer company Anheuser-Busch. If not, then here’s a quick rundown… King held up Read more…


Iowa “Beer Money” Charity Guy, Carson King, Gets the Last Laugh Despite Media Attempts to Destroy Him

Despite the Des Moines Register’s attempts at destroying the reputation of a man who raised over $1 million for a children’s hospital by surfacing tweets he sent when he was 16, Carson King is being celebrated as the local hero he is with his own day and a beer named Read more…


Kira Davis: Cancel Culture Is Vile And The Des Moines Register Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves [Video]

Carson King, who has helped raise over $1 million for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, has apologized after a controversial tweet of his from 2011 was discovered.​ — FOX4 News (@fox4kc) September 25, 2019 (navigate to the bottom of this article for Kira’s full video comments) Read more…


Man Who Raised $1 Million for a Children’s Hospital Now Having His Life Ruined Over an 8-Year-Old Tweet

No act of grand charity or kindness can apparently absolve you of the sin of saying something online that you shouldn’t have. Case in point, a man named Carson King is now underneath the public’s proverbial guillotine for a tweet he made at 16 despite the fact that he raised Read more…


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