NFL Star Gets Fined for His ‘Man of God’ Headband, Takes the Opportunity to Raise Thousands for Charity and ‘Glorify God’

[Screenshot from Twitter,] During his September 22nd game against the Seattle Seahawks, NFL star Demario Davis donned a headband boasting the words “Man of God.” The NFL wasn’t enthused, as they prohibit players from wearing “personal messages” on their uniforms. Therefore, the National Football League fined him $7,000. Demario Read more…


How The Des Moines Register’s Explanation of Their Actions Makes Everything So Much Worse

CREDIT: Brandon Morse, copyright If you’ve been following the story of the Des Moines Register and Carson King, the man who raised a million dollars for a children’s hospital, then you’ll know that the Register is what can only be described as the villain in this tale. If you Read more…


Anheuser-Busch Shouldn’t Get Off Light for Caving to “Cancel Culture” Against a Charitable Man

If you’ve been following the saga of one Carson King, an Iowa man who raised over $1 million for a children’s hospital then you’ll know that ballet that occurred between King, the Des Moines Register, and the beer company Anheuser-Busch. If not, then here’s a quick rundown… King held up Read more…


Iowa “Beer Money” Charity Guy, Carson King, Gets the Last Laugh Despite Media Attempts to Destroy Him

Despite the Des Moines Register’s attempts at destroying the reputation of a man who raised over $1 million for a children’s hospital by surfacing tweets he sent when he was 16, Carson King is being celebrated as the local hero he is with his own day and a beer named Read more…


Man Who Raised $1 Million for a Children’s Hospital Now Having His Life Ruined Over an 8-Year-Old Tweet

No act of grand charity or kindness can apparently absolve you of the sin of saying something online that you shouldn’t have. Case in point, a man named Carson King is now underneath the public’s proverbial guillotine for a tweet he made at 16 despite the fact that he raised Read more…


A Guide for Providing Donations for Bahamian Hurricane Relief

It is not hyperbolic to say the island nation was ravaged by hurricane Dorian, and here is how to help. For much of the past week we here in Florida have been under an anxious cloud with a Category-5 Hurricane Dorian literally stationed just off of our coast. As we Read more…


Bill Maher Responds to David Koch’s Death: ‘F*** Him,’ ‘I Hope the End Was Painful.’ What Have We Become?

For some conservatives, Bill Maher is surely a mixed bag. The outspoken pundit makes no bones about his liberal Democratic ways, and those doubtlessly define him; but from time to time, he hits on realities not too often recognized by the far left wing. Apropos, Bill’s none too much for Read more…


Actor Gary Sinise Celebrates a 25-Year Partnership Honoring America’s Disabled Veterans

[Screenshot from Gary Sinise Foundation,] Hollywood actors routinely generate news, but Gary Sinise is making headlines for something far more notable than anything in the realm of make-believe or celebrity. This week, the Forrest Gump star is celebrating 25 years of service with the Disabled American Veterans advocacy group. Read more…


When Patriots Rally: Conservative Blogger Kit Lange Perez Is Fighting For Her Life…and We Can Help

Kit (Lange) Perez  was a Tea Party activist and amateur blogger back when we were all just starting out in this strange landscape called “New Media”. Kit is also a writer, an EMT, volunteer firefighter and a farmer. She has staunchly defended American values her entire adult life and while Read more…


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