Tragedy Strikes the Close-Knit Christian Community: TobyMac’s 21-Year-Old Son Passes Away at Home

Those of you familiar with Contemporary Christian Music are no doubt aware of TobyMac. Toby McKeehan began his music career as leader of the rap/rock/soul juggernaut DC Talk in the late 80’s. The group peaked with a #12 spot on Casey’s Top 40 — courtesy of 1996’s “Between You and Read more…


Florida’s Legislature Eyes Bible Classes and Prayer in Every Public High School, and the Bill’s Sponsor is Even More Shocking

And now for something completely different… In Florida, legislators have introduced a bill requiring all public high schools to offer elective Bible classes covering the Old and New Testaments. Furthermore, prayer would once again be permitted. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kim Daniels, is the author of several faith-based books, including Prayers Read more…


Gal Gadot to Produce and Star in Movie About Christian Woman Who Saved Thousands of Jewish Children from Nazis

Continuing to prove to be one of the most stand-up women in Hollywood, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot has started up her own production company with her husband and decided their first film will be about a Christian woman who saved thousands of Jewish children from the Nazis. According to Read more…


West Virginia Mayor Who Took ‘Christmas’ Out of the City’s Parade Name Reverses Gears Due to ‘Hurtful’ Backlash

On Monday, the mayor of West Virginia’s capital city announced the new name for the town’s Christmas parade. You ready? The “Charleston Winter Parade.” Why in the world would you have a parade to celebrate winter? It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s so bad, a buncha animals try to sleep through Read more…


NFL Star Gets Fined for His ‘Man of God’ Headband, Takes the Opportunity to Raise Thousands for Charity and ‘Glorify God’

[Screenshot from Twitter,] During his September 22nd game against the Seattle Seahawks, NFL star Demario Davis donned a headband boasting the words “Man of God.” The NFL wasn’t enthused, as they prohibit players from wearing “personal messages” on their uniforms. Therefore, the National Football League fined him $7,000. Demario Read more…


In-N-Out Burger Joins Chick-fil-A as a Company That Openly Celebrates Its Christian Values

I say “joins,” but In-N-Out Burger hasn’t necessarily been secretive about the fact that it’s a Christian establishment. It has printed John 3: 16 on the bottom of its cups. However, like Chick-fil-A before it, the owner and heiress of the burger chain, Lynsi Snyder, is letting everyone know just how much Read more…


Did You Know In-N-Out is Spreading the Word of God? The Chain’s President Opens Up About Her Family’s Christian Principles

Do you know the joy of a Double Double? Have you felt the elation of Animal Style fries? The West’s best fast food chain has a secret, and it’s right beneath their reasonably-priced one-way tickets to palatable ecstasy. On the bottom of cups and cartons at In-N-Out sit messages to the Read more…


Judge in Amber Guyger Case Unapologetic After Receiving Intense Criticism for Hugging, Giving Defendant a Bible

Screen grab via WFAA. Last week, former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, 31, was convicted of murder in the September 2018 shooting death of 26-year-old Botham Jean as he sat in his apartment. Guyger, who said she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment and shot Jean because she believed he was Read more…


Kanye West Does it Again

Kanye West is at it again, going directly against the grain of the cultural Left. Over the weekend, the rapper was in Salt Lake City holding court at one of his Christian Sunday Services. While speaking to the crowd, Kanye called voting for a candidate based on skin color “mental Read more…


‘The Color Purple’ Actress Loses Her Job Over Posting a Quote from the Bible

Earlier this year, actress Seyi Omooba landed a role in the musical The Color Purple. She was set to take the stage in Leicester and Birmingham, England. But between acing the audition and opening the show as the character Celie, she hit a snag: An old Facebook entry by the Read more…


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