State Dept Concludes Investigation Into Clinton Server, Finds Almost 600 Security Violations

Screengrab from You may not have known, but there was still an investigation going on into Hillary Clinton’s emails. The State Department was conducting their own review of what was done with Clinton’s private email server and their Bureau of Diplomatic Security has now concluded that there were 588 Read more…


Report: U.S. Hit Iran With a Cyber Attack After Saudi Oil Field Was Struck

Get ready, being this is the future of war. In the wake of the attack on the Saudi oil fields, it looked like we were going to strike Iran once U.S. intelligence confirmed it was indeed the Iranians. President Trump made some comments that we had enough of the behavior Read more…


Mark Zuckerberg Is Meeting in Secret With Conservatives Discussing Free Speech

 (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) Well, what do you know? Seems that CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been sitting down in secret with conservative pundits, writers, and even a congressperson as of late. Maybe he realizes that Elizabeth Warren and her merry bunch of zealots are worse than dealing with people Read more…


The Russia Hoax Was a Classic Russian Dezinformatsiya Operation

The Russia hoax, especially the fake Russia dossier, was a classic dezinformatsiya operation. But – all things considered – by and for whom? Let us first define dezinformatsiya, its purpose, and objectives, as well as provide a historical perspective for good measure. Nearly 35 years ago, while the Cold War Read more…


Amazon Is So Huge – It Dictates Terms to Almost Everyone on Almost Everything

The Crony Joke’s On Us One of the very many national course corrections President Donald Trump is making – is renegotiating REALLY-bad-for-US global trade deals. We have been the planet’s largest economy for more than half a century.  Our current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $19.4 trillion. And our trade Read more…


Whistleblower Edward Snowden Speaks: ‘If I Happen to Fall out of a Window, You Can Be Sure I Was Pushed’

FILE – In this Feb. 14, 2015 file photo, Edward Snowden appears on a live video feed broadcast from Moscow at an event sponsored by ACLU Hawaii in Honolulu. The Valley News reports that Snowden, a former National Security Agency worker, will participate in a 30-minute discussion and Q&A at Read more…


When You’re Worth $906 Billion – You Can Buy a LOT of Government

Uber-huge Big Tech company Amazon – is a monster (Market Cap: $906 billion).  Amazon founder and chief bottle washer Jeff Bezos – is the world’s richest human. It appears that from their July 5, 1994 beginning – getting huge was Bezos’ only objective.  For nearly two decades, Amazon Retail sacrificed Read more…


Amazon’s Once Hard-Wired $10 Billion Crony Pentagon Deal – Keeps Fraying

We less government types are perpetually chagrined by the very many failings of government. We want government to do so very little – per the Constitution.  Yet government does so very much – in defiance of the Constitution. We would like government to do things well.  But we know human Read more…


Clinton’s Deliberate, Felonious Actions Harmed National Security

Earlier today, my good friend and colleague, Bonchie, penned an excellent article about the latest twist in the Clinton e-mail saga, one that demonstrated just how dangerous her actions were to National Security. Please go have a look. Because of his timely article, I thought I might once again review Read more…


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