Amazon Is So Huge – It Dictates Terms to Almost Everyone on Almost Everything

The Crony Joke’s On Us One of the very many national course corrections President Donald Trump is making – is renegotiating REALLY-bad-for-US global trade deals. We have been the planet’s largest economy for more than half a century.  Our current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $19.4 trillion. And our trade Read more…


When You’re Worth $906 Billion – You Can Buy a LOT of Government

Uber-huge Big Tech company Amazon – is a monster (Market Cap: $906 billion).  Amazon founder and chief bottle washer Jeff Bezos – is the world’s richest human. It appears that from their July 5, 1994 beginning – getting huge was Bezos’ only objective.  For nearly two decades, Amazon Retail sacrificed Read more…


Amazon’s Once Hard-Wired $10 Billion Crony Pentagon Deal – Keeps Fraying

We less government types are perpetually chagrined by the very many failings of government. We want government to do so very little – per the Constitution.  Yet government does so very much – in defiance of the Constitution. We would like government to do things well.  But we know human Read more…


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