China Blinks on Pork and Soybean Tariffs

Some news from the trade war front. China has decided to exempt pork and soybeans from future tariffs, giving a much needed reprieve to the agricultural sector in the United States. There was joking last week when China lifted tariffs on a few inconsquential items that it was an “olive Read more…

AOC Is Back and We’re All Going to Die

I wrote last week about the mysterious absence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from Twitter and what it said about her. Her sudden muteness seemed to coincide directly with the “reassigning” of her Chief of Staff, who had long been speculated to be the “brains” behind her and the other Justice Democrats. Read more…


Texas Has a Growing Homeless Problem, and California May Shoulder a Good Deal of Blame

The issue of homelessness in Texas has been on the rise, specifically in its capital of Austin. According to the Washington Post, staunch Democrats in Austin have expressed a desire to switch parties purely out of the way the city has handled homelessness, which lately, includes allowing them to sleep Read more…


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