No Big Deal, Just Beto O’Rourke Saying He’ll Punish Churches If They Don’t Support Same-Sex Marriage

This is an object lesson in why believing liberals will ever say “ok, we got what we want, that’s enough” is a sucker’s bet. We really aren’t that far removed from gay marriage being made legal and everyone on the left assuring us that that it’s just a crazy-pants, conspiracy Read more…


Don Lemon and Guest: Obama was Great for Them, but Trump Spits in Black People’s Faces

Don Lemon has a message for black voters: Sure, your unemployment rate may be at a record low, but don’t vote for Trump. As reported by Newsbusters, on Friday, Don and his CNN guest downplayed August’s headline-grabbing 5.5% black unemployment in favor of highlighting the President’s “racist behavior.” Besides, the Read more…


The Ratings for CNN’s “Climate Crisis” Town Hall Are In

Last night, CNN subjected television viewers to the torturous exercise of listening to 2020 Democrat candidates riff on climate change for seven straight hours. We got all kinds of craziness, from Bernie promoting taxpayer funded abortions to cull the population and reduce emissions to Buttigieg lecturing on the morality of Read more…


Irony Overload: Lemon and Cuomo Argue About Whether CNN Should Provide a Platform for Dishonest Guests (Watch)

Primetime anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo debate on CNN – 8/29/19. Screen grab via CNN. The most unintentionally hilarious few minutes of primetime television on cable news is arguably the time on CNN when Chris Cuomo’s show is ending and Don Lemon’s starts, where they have a brief exchange Read more…


The Assault Allegation Against CNN’s Don Lemon Has Now Been Corroborated By an Eye Witness

A few days ago, I shared the news that CNN’s Don Lemon was being sued for assault dealing with him allegedly putting his hands down his pants, making sexual references, and then shoving his fingers in another man’s mustache. Now, another man has now come forward and provided eye witness Read more…


CNN’s Don Lemon Sued for Sexual Assault

Few hosts on CNN are as inflammatory and ridiculous as Don Lemon. While laughably considering himself a “journalist,” he’s a rabid partisan and has spent most of the past few months confidently pronouncing that Donald Trump is a white supremacist and blaming mass shootings on Republicans. He’s also someone who Read more…


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