You Just Knew This Would Happen — Stores Forced to Pull “Racist” Pumpkins from Shelves

Chalk up another move in the War Against Halloween. Because every other problem in the New York area has been taken care of a local television has sprung into action to correct the latest social scourge. Outrage culture never rests and, in the case of Halloween, neither does it take Read more…


Reporter Who Covered the False Dreadlock Story Pushed for Hairstyle Laws In Earlier Tweets

Remember that story that collapsed this week about the 12-year-old girl black girl who supposedly was pinned down by three white boy classmates and had her dreadlocks cut? Yes, her family and the school admitted it was all a hoax. The family apologized in a public letter. Now it turns Read more…


Former NFL Player Allegedly Attempts to Frame Trump Supporters by Wrecking His Own Restaurant

Between 2012 and 2016, Edawn Louis Coughman played for the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, and Arizona Cardinals. Nice resume. Now he’s added something a little different. According to the Daily News, the former pro football player was caught vandalizing his own Georgia restaurant, possibly in an effort to vilify Trump supporters. Read more…


Zogby Poll Has Trump Gaining Support Among Blacks and Hispanics.

President Trump Official White House Photo A New Zogby Poll Explains Democrats’ focus on supposed racism. Yesterday’s Washington Examiner says President Trump’s approval rate is up to 51%, with a 47% disapproval rate. From the article. President Trump’s approval rating has edged up, driven by long-term confidence in his economy Read more…


CNN and Oliver Darcy Decry the ‘Polluted” Newscape While Continuing to Generate Biased Litter

Our media betters pretend to care about the condition of the news without looking into any of their own mirrors. When the death of Jeffery Epstein was announced late on Friday it took no time at all for the talk on social media to speculate on how the announced sucide Read more…


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