Absolute Miracle: At the Last Second, a Couple and Their Baby Are Saved from a Drunk Driver by an Angel in a Chevrolet

[Screenshot from Phoenix Police Department via Twitter, https://twitter.com/phoenixpolice/status/1187096824491806721?] In Arizona Wednesday, October 14th, the lives of a couple and their baby were astonishingly saved by an angel in a Chevrolet. Were it not for her, they would likely have been violently killed by a drunk driver. While the pair was Read more…


Kidnapped Whisky, Kowtowing to the Commies, and The Friend Police: Are We Doomed?

Welcome back to my Saturday column in which I take a look back on the news of the week and try to determine- are we doomed? Let Communism Ring! As you probably heard, the general manager of NBA’s Houston Rockets supported those fighting for freedom in Hong Kong. The Chinese Read more…


How Far Would You Go for a Lost Love? Here’s an Incredible Story About a Family and Their Commitment to Never Give Up

Politics and culture have abounded over the last several years with issues of animal rights; what about the right to be found? In a seemingly ever-hopeless world, how much is man’s (and woman’s) best friend worth? What would you do — how far would you go — to find your Read more…


BREAKING: Todd Palin Files For Divorce From Sarah Palin

This is pretty shocking news. After 31 years of marriage, Todd Palin has filed for divorce from Sarah Palin, who rocketed to national prominence after providing a much needed pick me up for John McCain’s floundering 2008 campaign as his vice presidential nominee. This per Anchorage Daily News. In a Read more…


A New Poll Reveals a Disturbing Trend Among Millennials Over the Ideals America Has Long Held Dear. Is Revival Still Possible?

You know what’s important in life? God, family, and country. Oh, wait — sorry. That’d be the things that aren’t important. So believe millennials, according to a new poll. The annual study conducted by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal started just over two decades ago, asking Americans what Read more…


90-Year-Old Man Gets Arrested for Murdering His 83-Year-Old Wife

[Photo courtesy of Dorchester County Sheriffs’s Office] They say whenever a married woman is killed, the husband is the first you should look. Apparently, sometimes people feel stuck in their situation. To the frustrated and murderous, divorce can appear a less attractive option than more severe means. But what about Read more…


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