There is a New Feminist Version of the Monopoly Game That Pays Female Players More Than the Males

promotional image via Hasbro Hasbro will address the Patriarchy by instilling female-privilege into its iconic game. In a move that supposedly will empower women and is not in any fashion whatsoever pandering, it has been announced that a new version of the generationally popular board game MONOPOLY is getting a Read more…


How Is Lowering Standards In Industries to Attract Women Not Insulting to Them?

It’s been happening for some time now, but I recently saw two examples of how standards are being lowered in various places so that women can more easily become a part of the whatever organization, business, or field they’re lowering their standards in. The places that do lower their standards Read more…


UK Bans Volkswagen Commercial Due to the Horror of Displaying a Mother With a Baby

Don’t worry, everyone. If you’re scared that gender stereotypes are going to be pushed in public then rest easy, because the United Kingdom’s politically correct overlords are on the job. Volkswagen recently released a commercial that featured men doing actions like floating in space and doing the long jump with Read more…


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