BIG: Google Is Indeed Censoring Conservatives, Wall Street Journal Says

Peter M. D’Abrosca Posted On November 15, 2019 The Wall Street Journal Friday released a report claiming that Google is actively censoring search results for conservative news websites. The story was later expounded upon by Daily Mail. “Google’s engineers have also created blacklists to weed out more-incendiary suggestions in auto-complete, Read more…


Google’s “Project Nightingale” Reportedly Collecting Health Data Without Patient Knowledge

Peter M. D’Abrosca Posted On November 11, 2019 Google has reportedly teamed up with Ascension, a giant healthcare company, to collect data on patients. The problem? None of the patients have been made aware that their data has been collected. “The Wall Street Journal first reported on Monday that the company Read more…


Conservative YouTube Videos Actually Shown to Reduce Radicalization According to Research

Online platforms have been censoring conservative videos for years under the claim that they may be “innapropriate,” “provocative,” or dangerous to the public in some way shape or form. Prager U and Steven Crowder have been so censored into oblivion that everything but videos from their channel will come up Read more…


Google Whistleblower Exposes Company For Shilling On Behalf Of Big Pharma

A Google whistleblower took a swing at his former employer on Twitter Monday for allegedly throttling websites that promote natural remedies to medical issues in order to protect Big Pharma’s reign of power. “Oh look here’s @Google, wiping out an entire economic sector in favor of big-pharma:” Zach Vorhies said. Read more…


Why Are the Same People Irate About the NBA’s Hong Kong Stance Silent About the Same Thing Happening to Americans

A protester waves a U.S. flag as hundreds of protesters gather outside Kwai Chung police station in Hong Kong, Tuesday, July 30, 2019. Protesters clashed with police again in Hong Kong on Tuesday night after reports that some of their detained colleagues would be charged with the relatively serious charge Read more…


Trump Is Correct on Net Neutrality Court Win – But That Wasn’t the Whole Ruling

President Donald Trump early Monday morning Tweeted: “We just WON the big court case on Net Neutrality Rules! A great win for the future and speed of the internet. Will lead to many big things including 5G. Congratulations to the FCC and its Chairman, Ajit Pai!” All of which is Read more…


Trump’s Justice Department Puts the Screws to Google in IP Theft Lawsuit

This really couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people. Backstory–short hand version with some editorializing because I loathe Google. Sun Microsystems invented the Java language. Google bought Android and wanted to use Java for the system, ostensibly to encourage third party developers. Java was open source to developers but Read more…

Proof that YouTube Is Censoring Non-Mainstream Conservative Content Surfaces

We all know it’s happening. Social media suppresses conservative voices, articles, and videos all the time. One person in particular who has been censored both overtly and behind the scenes is Steven Crowder, who claimed that his content was being censored. It turned out that he was right, and that Read more…


Almost All ‘Research’ ‘Studies’ – Forcefully Draw Liquids Through Straws

One of the largest, ongoing, rolling government scams? Using taxpayer money to fund “research” – so as to generate “studies.” And governments spend a LOT of our money – on “research” to generate “studies.” Who Pays for Science?: “Today, we all do. Most scientific research is funded by government grants….” Read more…


Leaked Docs: China’s TikTok App Censors Posts Exposing Bloodthirsty Communism

Big Tech’s conglomerating size, wealth and power in the global information war have prompted investigations at the federal and state level, in a bipartisan effort to regulate the monopolistic, anti-competitive digital marketplace. President Trump has pledged to probe whether Google is nefariously compromising U.S. national security by colluding with the Read more…


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