[Watch] College Palestinian Activists Demand Holocaust Survivor Denounce Israel’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ as Equal to Holocaust Horrors

Redstate sister site Twitchy caught a jaw-dropping exchange earlier in the week during a college speech from a Holocaust survivor. Harold Kasimow- Grinnell College professor emeritus of religious studies – recently spoke about his experiences at Benedictine University where he is a visiting scholar. Certainly it is a rare privilege Read more…


A Star Travels to Israel, Where She’s Baptized and Replenished. The Outrage Mob Forces Her to Apologize for Opposing Palestine

We’re living in a bizarre time. And by bizarre, I mean dumb. The era of outrage has given way to the era of pressured apology. Not long ago in America, the online and media atmosphere was extremely different. People did what they did, and mostly, nobody cared. There was no Read more…


EU Preparing to Put Warning Labels on Jewish Products

The European Union is preparing to add warning labels on Jewish products made in Israel. Not content with generations of antisemitism before and after the Holocaust, Europe’s ruling class apparently thinks it’s a good idea to push what is the equivalent of an in kind contribution to the boycott, divestment, Read more…


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