Antifa Lunges for Idiot Supremacy – Interrupts an ‘Ending Racism’ Event and Calls a Black Man a White Racist

In life, you can make sense. Or, you can put on a mask, run around and hurt people and break things, use words you can’t define, and make statements that are stunningly daft. Sophie’s choice. For 40 folks in Pennsylvania, the superior option was obvious. Daryl Davis — a black Read more…


David Hogg Makes a Stunningly Ignorant Claim About Buying Guns vs Voting, and Twitter Eats Him Alive

We’re living in an age of participation trophies and selfie sticks. And for some reason, people are being encouraged to speak on things about which they’re completely unaware. Black-masked fascists are fascistically fighting for fascism while calling themselves the opposite as some applaud and agree (here). Revolutionaries are hocking socialism Read more…


Candace Owens Relives Last Year’s Chicken and Waffles Antifa Antagonism and Pegs the Group Perfectly (Video)

[Screenshot from Daily Caller,] In July of last year, conservative commentator Candace Owens and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk went out for some chicken and waffles for breakfast. It didn’t go nicely — a group of goons showed up to ruin the experience with chants of “F*** the Read more…


A University’s ‘Diversity’ Council Tries to Banish Chick-fil-A as the Far Left Continues Its Phonic Fart in the Face of Language and Reason

I don’t know what’s happened to some on the Left. Quite a while ago, they decided to begin changing — or, nullifying — language. Their preferred alternative to valuable communication: Just say things that are wholly unrelated to your intention (like here). For example, they changed the meaning of “diversity.” Read more…


SJW’s Cancel Johnny Depp’s ‘Racist’ Cologne Ad, But the Company’s Statement Shows Just How Ignorant the Outrage Mob is

In this image released by Disney, Johnny Depp portrays Jack Sparrow in a scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” (Disney via AP) So far as I can tell, we’re at a place where the mere showing or mentioning of a particular thing is considered condemnation Read more…


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