A $2 Drug Test Identified Bird Poop as Cocaine. But Law Enforcement Continues to Use it, and People are Being Wrongly Imprisoned

Do you need a hit? Of that white powder? That Columbian booger sugar? I’m talking, of course, about bird poop (they have lots of birds in Columbia). If so, you might get arrested — for possession of cocaine. According to a Vice report, cops across America have been using the Read more…


Absolute Miracle: At the Last Second, a Couple and Their Baby Are Saved from a Drunk Driver by an Angel in a Chevrolet

[Screenshot from Phoenix Police Department via Twitter, https://twitter.com/phoenixpolice/status/1187096824491806721?] In Arizona Wednesday, October 14th, the lives of a couple and their baby were astonishingly saved by an angel in a Chevrolet. Were it not for her, they would likely have been violently killed by a drunk driver. While the pair was Read more…


Where We Are: Massachusetts Eyes a Bill Making it Illegal to Call Someone a ‘B-tch’

Is there still freedom of speech, or are there only remnants of a once-unfettered liberty? In Massachusetts, lawmakers have proposed making it illegal to call someone a “b*tch.” Therefore, in this new paradigm, you’d be able to call somebody a _____, and a _____, and a _____, and a ______, Read more…


CNN Analyst Apologizes for Discussing Hillary’s Emails Too Much

The State Department just announced at the end of last week that they had completed their three year investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server. They found almost 600 security violations. They found 38 people culpable in 91 of those security violations. For 497 of the 588 violations they couldn’t ascribe Read more…


How Did Big Tech Get So Big? Massive Government Cronyism – Like Section 230

Today’s thought foray – requires us to define a few terms.  First: Internet Service Providers (ISPs): The companies that have in the last quarter-century invested more than a trillion dollars – building the actual Internet.  Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, AT&T, etc.  The companies that laid the Information Superhighway – upon Read more…


A Forced Baptism/Sexual Assault and a Cavity Search Comprise the Worst Non-Lethal Police Conduct You’re Likely to Find – by the Same Officer

[Screenshot from Twitter, https://twitter.com/truthseeker6761/status/1182045977982619649] If you’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Officer Daniel Wilkey tries to pull you over, you might just wanna keep on truckin’. He may’ve violated a constitutional right or 12, and you don’t wanna be Lucky 13. According to a recently-filed lawsuit, Daniel engaged in some mighty Read more…


Sheriffs Send Beto to the Burn Ward Over His Threat to Send Law Enforcement to Gun Owner’s Homes

Beto O’Rourke by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original While on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Democratic 2020 candidate and wannabe tyrant Robert “Beto” O’Rourke made it clear that in an America where he’s president, he will send law enforcement to the homes of people who choose not to participate in Read more…


Vice President Pence Must Save Us from Elon Musk Syndrome

The Feds Must Stop Smoking What Musk Is Smoking Please allow a personal point of privilege at the outset: I REALLY like Mike Pence.  Zero sarcasm – I think he is a really good guy. Pence once saved my professional bacon – now more than a decade ago. I had Read more…


The Private Sector Is Yet Again Rushing to Save Us from Government

The answer to everything even remotely policy-related – is less government. Because the original sin of everything even remotely policy-related – is too much government. Want to solve our health care “crisis” – ???  Undo the original government sins. After World War II – taxes were kept at during-WW II Read more…


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