Scott Presler Gives Us An Update About the National Cleanup Effort and It’s Massive

Screen Grab: Scott Presler’s before photo. While many people complained about the trash and dilapidation of America’s bluest cities, Scott Presler rallied a ton of people — many of them Trump supporters — and went to go clean up the trash themselves. From there, what started as an online Read more…


LeBron Catches the Outrage of Fans After Yelling and Walking Away During the National Anthem

[Screenshot from NBA on ESPN,] On Tuesday night, ESPN tweeted a video of LeBron James yelling during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Subsequently, some fans aren’t happy. It was the season opener for the Lakers, and before the anthem was finished, the sports star walked away, shouting, “Let’s go!” ESPN took Read more…


Babylon Bee Dunks on LeBron James After Basketball Superstar Said Daryl Morey “Could Have Waited a Week”

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James partakes in warm ups before an NBA basketball game against the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland, Ore., Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018. (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer) Nick wrote this morning about the appalling statement the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James gave on the Daryl Morey Hong Read more…


Great News for L.A.’s Homeless Population: ‘Second Phase’ of City’s Plastic Straw Ban Now Underway

A homeless encampment in Los Angeles, CA. Screen grab via Fox News. The long-running housing crisis and homeless problems in California’s big Democrat-run cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have been well-documented. But the tens of thousands of those living on the streets in L.A. can rest a little Read more…


Pro-Communist ‘Revolution Club’ Protests Trump’s Visit by Burning an American Flag in Front of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Why?

[Screenshot from Revolution Club Los Angeles via Twitter,] On Tuesday, Trump attended a Los Angeles fundraiser hosted by GOP donor Geoffrey Palmer. In front of the Beverly Hills Hotel, pro-communist Revolution Club Los Angeles protested the President’s visit by chanting “America was never great!” Oh, and they also burned Read more…


Prager U Got People to Comment On “Modern Art” that Was Made by a 2-Year-Old and It’s Hilarious

Here’s a fun video for your Friday. One thing that many people in America can agree on is that “modern art” is complete and total garbage. In fact, sometimes it really is just garbage in a literal sense. Prager U decided it was going to try to see if people Read more…


California’s Dem Officials Fear Trump Will Treat the Homeless Better Than They Do

As covered earlier today, homeless people in Los Angeles are dying in record numbers as a result of the “caring” neglect their government has inflicted upon them. Fortunately, representatives from the Trump administration are in Los Angeles to get a firsthand look at conditions on the ground and meet with Read more…


Government “Caring” Kills: LA’s Homeless Are Dying on the Streets in Record Numbers

“In a region of abundant wealth and world-class hospitals, people die penniless, they die in pain, they die alone.” So begins a recent column from Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez, who has been one of the most vocal journalists covering the worsening humanitarian crisis in Southern California. On Sunday, September Read more…


Adam Schiff’s Under Threat of Being Unseated by a Drag Queen – Because America Needs ‘More Everyday People in Congress’

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s got someone gunnin’ for his seat. Earlier this year, in a hip area of LA, history was made: A drag queen was elected to local government. And now that dandy dude — who snagged a place on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council — is comin’ Read more…


Texas Has a Growing Homeless Problem, and California May Shoulder a Good Deal of Blame

The issue of homelessness in Texas has been on the rise, specifically in its capital of Austin. According to the Washington Post, staunch Democrats in Austin have expressed a desire to switch parties purely out of the way the city has handled homelessness, which lately, includes allowing them to sleep Read more…


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