SJW Wreaks so Much Woke Havoc in the Classroom, Cornell Ejects Her from the Science Program. Now Everyone Can Learn Again

Reportedly, a student at Cornell University social-justiced their way right out of school. Or, at least, out of a school program. They were such an annoyance, the college gave them the boot — from the Alliance for Science fellowship. Julia Feliz — who prefers the pronouns “they” and “them” — Read more…


Seattle Public Education Posts Its White-Privilege ‘Math Ethnic Studies Framework,’ and It Just May Blow Your Mind

Does wokeness not add up to you? If you think 2 2 = 4, you might just be a sick oppressive b*st*rd. As reported by The American Conservative, the Seattle public school system is teaching kids that math is more than numbers and objective reality. It’s also about, well, I’ll Read more…


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