Pompeo Praises Tarantino’s Refusal To Appease Chinese Censorship

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commended director Quentin Tarantino for refusing to amend his latest film to placate the communist Chinese government’s censors. Tarantino’s new hit film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, features scenes depicting violence, including one that features Bruce Lee sparring Read more…


In The Midst Of Criticism Over China Policy, Trump Administration Comes Out Swinging Over Treatment Of Uighur Muslims

Against the backdrop of criticism over China policy involving everything from trade to social media diplomacy, the Trump administration via The State Department announced Tuesday the imposition of travel visa bans on Chinese government and Communist officials for what State considers human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang providence. Read more…


Secretary Mike Pompeo Tells Democrat House Committees That He Will Not Be Bullied By Their Make Believe Subpoenas

Last Friday, the troika of mental defectives running the House Intelligence, Oversight, and Foreign Affairs committees issued subpoenas to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanding documents associated with President Trump’s phone call to Ukraine President Zelensky and to make himself and five other officials involved in the call available for Read more…


Mike Pompeo Suggests That Joe Biden Might Actually Need Investigation for Corruption and Election Interference

CIA Director Mike Pompeo, picked to be the next secretary of state, listens during his introductions before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a confirmation hearing on his nomination to be Secretary of State, Thursday, April 12, 2018 on Capitol Hill in Washington. Pompeo’s remarks will be the first chance Read more…


Mike Pompeo Blames Iran For Massive Attack On Saudi Arabian Oil Facilities

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/ Earlier today a major Saudi Arabian crude oil field was hit by an attack. The first reports said that the attack had been carried out by 10 drones (I don’t know how they convinced Jim Swift and the rest of the Read more…


New York Times Says CNN’s Jim Sciutto’s Report Blaming Trump for the US Losing an Intel Source Is Pure Bunk

Yesterday, CNN’s Jim Sciutto ran with a story that the CIA had been forced to exfiltrate a key asset from within Russia because the CIA, including then-director Mike Pompeo, were afraid that President Trump would reveal the source’s identity. This is how he described it: In a previously undisclosed secret Read more…


CNN Russian Spy Exfiltration Story Trips All the Bull**** Alarms On Two Continents

Earlier today, CNN’s one-man Fifth Column, former Obama apparatchik and current national security corresponedent Jim Sciutto pushed out a story that claims the CIA was forced to extract a highly placed source because it was afraid that President Trump would compromise the source through some public utterance. In a previously Read more…


Julian ‘Men Can Get Pregnant and Tornadoes are Racist’ Castro Slams Trump – the President’s ‘Bizarre’

On Sunday, 2020 Democratic lunger Julián Castro insulted Trump over his negotiation efforts related to the Taliban and leaders of Afghanistan. A secret meeting had originally been planned, but it was ultimately canceled, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling any talks “dead” “for the time being.” Hence, Julián tried Read more…


Pompeo The Yes-Man? Not So Fast

Pompeo The Yes-Man? Not So Fast Susan B. Glasser in today’s New Yorker (aggregated over on Real Clear Politics) published a hit piece on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and an allegedly conservative magazine, The American Conservative, decided it needed to pile on. In a long and tortured article entitled Read more…


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