The New Bond Villain is Gonna Do Some Damage, but Great News: He’s Eco-Friendly

Are you ready for the next James Bond movie? I am. And the new villain is gonna be, reportedly, that most dastardly thing of all: eco-friendly. The Sun reports: As the plot is shrouded in secrecy, it is not clear what the villain is plotting to do or how 007 confronts Read more…


The RedState Box Office Report – Few Treats as a Trick is Played on Disney

Promotional posters courtesy STX Pictures, A24 releasing, 101 Studios A wide mixture of chills to select from this holiday frame. This has been an October where expectations are tough to be met, and this weekend was more of the same. An expected hit for a major studio has not hit, Read more…


Thanks Outrage Brigades: “Joker” Achieved Top-Grossing R-Rated Movie of All Time

Promotional screen shot from ‘Joker’, courtesy Warmer Brothers Pictures I think there’s something about the social justice warrior internet outrage brigades that just causes people to want to see what it is that has the hard-left so upset. Hilariously, it used to have the opposite effect. Long ago, upsetting the Read more…


The RedState Box Office Report – Not a Jolie Good Show in Theaters

An impressive array of arrivals this weekend accrued assets There was quality to be had all around as a couple of prominent sophomore efforts performed strongly, while a controversial holdover continued to amass an impressive windfall. This Fall frame has been a strong one and it has been floated by Read more…


Gal Gadot to Produce and Star in Movie About Christian Woman Who Saved Thousands of Jewish Children from Nazis

Continuing to prove to be one of the most stand-up women in Hollywood, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot has started up her own production company with her husband and decided their first film will be about a Christian woman who saved thousands of Jewish children from the Nazis. According to Read more…


Leftists Threaten to “Bring Out the Guillotine” If Theaters Show Jordan Peterson Documentary

Theaters in many locations are terminating their showing of the documentary “The Rise of Jordan Peterson” after receiving threats of violence. According to The Stranger, showings in theaters in Toronto and Brooklyn had all been canceled due to complaints by staff that they were fearful of “getting in trouble.” It’s Read more…


Planned Parenthood has Become Embedded in Hollywood to Promote Onscreen Abortions

image by RedState While claiming to downplay the importance of terminations, PPFA has become an entrenched fixture in entertainment. There has always been a bond between Hollywood and Planned Parenthood. Abortion is something of a sacrosanct act with the celebrity set out there and there has been no shortage of Read more…


Joe Cunningham: Yes, We Identify With “Joker” and He Could Inspire More Villain Movies

The weekend success of the Todd Phillips movie Joker has Warner Bros. and Hollywood thinking that more movies based on villains could be the way to go. In fact, it might just be the thing that saves Warner Bros. and DC’s otherwise disastrous run on comic book movies. Other than the Read more…


Jon Voight Tells ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ Democrats Have Left America, but They May Have Left a Lot More than That

Actor Jon Voight speaks with Rep. Michele Bachmann R-Minn., at Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009, during a Republican health care news conference.(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) Oscar winner and 4-time nominee Jon Voight is at it again, saying things entirely out of step with much of Hollywood. In Read more…


The RedState Box Office Report – Laughing at the Competition

Juaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips make a joke of the competition. For months there has been outrage leveled towards the new version of the presentation of the character of The Joker, compared to the less new version seen in “Suicide Squad”, and that seen in “The Dark Knight”. For some Read more…


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