Uh Oh! Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Dialed an NBC Reporter – Twice – and Left Three Minute Voicemails

At 11 pm on October 16, Rudy Giuliani unintentionally called (butt-dialed) an NBC reporter he’d spoken to several hours before. The reporter was sleeping and the call went to voicemail. When the reporter heard the message the next day, he or she heard Giuliani having a conversation with another person. Read more…


NEW: U.S. Senators Getting Serious About Chinese Counter-Intel, TikTok App On Hot Seat

With the explosion of the Chinese-owned application TikTok, developed by a top oligarch in the communist Chinese regime, U.S. senators are beginning to ask questions about whether the application, along with other Chinese-developed apps, are counter-intelligence and national security risks. “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) Read more…


Harold Finch Comments on a Tale of Two Pictures (Me, too)

Intrepid independent researcher @NameRedacted was suspended multiple times on Twitter for what amounted to hurting the feelings of leftists and challenging their blatant lies. In his final incarnation, he was “Harold Finch,” and after being suspended for the final time has subsequently moved to Telegram where he runs a repository Read more…


Lindsey Graham Talks Turkey (Interview With Kilmeade)

Lindsey Graham by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original This morning, Brian Kilmeade aired an interview he did with Lindsey Graham while he was in South Carolina yesterday. They covered both the recent developments regarding Syria and Turkey and the ongoing impeachment imbroglio. Graham reiterated points he made earlier Read more…


The DOJ Finally Decides to Prosecute a Federal Official For Leaking

A bit of news broke the afternoon involving the arrest of a federal official. Henry K. Frese, a DIA official, was charged with leaking classified information to two different journalists, one of which he was apparently sleeping with. Remember that the next time the media tell you are virtuous and Read more…


Where Was The “Favor” Granted In The Trump-Ukraine Quid-Pro-Quo Story?

[Screenshot from Fox News, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4576&v=5ODi8wTgoqs] There has been a lot of chatter in the country for the last 2 weeks in regards to El Presidente 45 and his alleged quid pro quo with the Ukrainians from his July 25th phone call. According to the theory, Trump was pushing at, we Read more…


Trump: Dems Impeachment Efforts Hurting Stock Market, Retirement Plans of Americans

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, accompanied by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif. and other congress members speaks during a news conference on Trump Putin Helsinki Summit at Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) Democrats are Read more…


Amazon Is So Huge – It Dictates Terms to Almost Everyone on Almost Everything

The Crony Joke’s On Us One of the very many national course corrections President Donald Trump is making – is renegotiating REALLY-bad-for-US global trade deals. We have been the planet’s largest economy for more than half a century.  Our current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $19.4 trillion. And our trade Read more…


It’s Time to Upgrade Our Aircraft Carriers. Communist China Is

The United States Navy’s aircraft carriers have used the same steam propulsion technology to launch airplanes into the Wild Blue Yonder – since the 1950s: “Following World War II, the Royal Navy was developing a new catapult system for their fleet of carriers. Commander Colin C. Mitchell, RNV, recommended a Read more…


President Trump Names Robert O’Brien As His New National Security Advisor

This morning, President Trump announced that he will name Robert C. O’Brien as his new National Security Advisor. This position does not require confirmation by the senate. He wrote: I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O’Brien, currently serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy Read more…


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