Alan Dershowitz BLASTS The Democrats Impeachment Theory

Occasionally you can come across someone who is a traditional liberal that you might not agree on social constructs with but does stay consistent on issues like impeachment. Professor Alan Dershowitz is one of these people in my opinion. Dershowitz has been on occasion one of Donald Trump’s defenders in Read more…


As the Ukraine Whistleblower Story Falters, Dems/Media Have Another Flawed Story Lined up and Ready to Go

A view of the Washington Post building on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013, in Washington. founder Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) The Ukraine whistleblower story has been disintegrating all week. It really took a dive yesterday when it was revealed that Rep. Read more…


Why Do We Defer to the Political Class?

Public Domain. Official session in a Chinese Yamen, Guangzhou, pre-1889. Photo: Creative Commons. Theory: Deference is a tactic that has been fully exploited by the political class for over 100 years to our collective detriment. Let’s examine that postulation in detail. What does deference mean? Here’s the dictionary definition: deference Read more…


Who is the Ukraine Leaker/Whistleblower, Part II

I speculated on Thursday about the identity of the Ukraine phone call leaker based on an anonymous State Department source. This was early in the story, and much has been learned since then by intrepid independent journalists. I have come to believe that identity of the leaker (I refuse to Read more…


Whistleblower Story Implodes: Gov’t Official Specifically Calls Part of Story False, Other Claims Fall Apart

One of the major problems with the whistleblower complaint that some in the mainstream media are glossing over is that the person wasn’t even on the phone call, so how could he/she know what was said? The answer of course is that the person could not know. The person admitted Read more…


Is This Guy the Ukraine Phone Call Whistleblower?

The legacy media have been spoon-feeding us anti-Trump articles based on “anonymous” sources for over two years now. As they’ve plowed the ground, here is one from me with a decidedly different intent, i.e., to expose a politically-motivated former CIA officer and now a whistleblower with ties to Democrats. A Read more…


Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene

Posted at 12:30 pm on September 26, 2019 by Stu Cvrk Justice Kavanaugh should file a multi-million slander and libel suit against the NYT editorial board, the two authors of the flaming lies book about him, the perp pushing the story behind the scenes, and also CNN and MSNBC. It’s Read more…


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