Representative Neal’s Proposal to End Surprise Medical Bills is a Trojan Horse for Government-Run Healthcare

Last week, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Massachusetts Democrat Richard Neal proposed a new way for dealing with the problem of hospitals overcharging out-of-network patients. As part of his proposal, the Health and Human Services, Labor, and Treasury departments would form a committee to set prices on out-of-network care. Read more…


Worse Than Bad Legislation? Lobbyists Writing Multiple Bad Executive Power Grabs

Barack Obama spent his first two years as President – enjoying a Democrat-controlled Congress that was as awful for America as he was. The Democrat Congress passed a lot of really awful legislation – which Obama very happily signed. We the People loathed said legislation.  So We incepted the Tea Read more…


Obamacare-Backing Big Insurance – Looking to Again Expand Government Medicine

One heinous aspect of the heinous history of the woefully misnamed Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare – was…and is…the vociferous backing of the inanity by huge insurance companies. Notice I didn’t say small insurance companies.  Few such animals still exist – most having already been murdered by government medicine Read more…


Congressional Democrat’s Wife Goes on Rant Because Her Marriage Counseling Isn’t 100% Covered by Taxpayers

[Screenshot from Brent Scher via Twitter,] South Carolina Democrat Joe Cunningham is currently serving his first term in Congress, and the job comes with a nifty perk: Members are granted access to Blue Cross and Blue Shield healthcare coverage via Obama’s “gold” plans. According to CNBC, participation leaves users Read more…


Alexander, House Dem Surprise Billing Plot Foiled

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) will not privately negotiate with House Democrats to ram through his version of legislation to solve the “surprise medical billing” issue plaguing patients across the country. As we previously reported, Capitol Hill sources said Alexander had grown frustrated with his bill’s lack of momentum and was Read more…


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