A Star Travels to Israel, Where She’s Baptized and Replenished. The Outrage Mob Forces Her to Apologize for Opposing Palestine

We’re living in a bizarre time. And by bizarre, I mean dumb. The era of outrage has given way to the era of pressured apology. Not long ago in America, the online and media atmosphere was extremely different. People did what they did, and mostly, nobody cared. There was no Read more…


SJW’s Cancel Johnny Depp’s ‘Racist’ Cologne Ad, But the Company’s Statement Shows Just How Ignorant the Outrage Mob is

In this image released by Disney, Johnny Depp portrays Jack Sparrow in a scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” (Disney via AP) So far as I can tell, we’re at a place where the mere showing or mentioning of a particular thing is considered condemnation Read more…


The Woke Mob Comes for Olive Garden

They’ve gone too far this time. The left have decided to go after Olive Garden, whos bread sticks are the crack cocaine of appetizers, by asserting that the Italian eatery is funding Trump’s re-election campaign. Given that I’ve been reliably told by CNN that Trump is probably responsible for more Read more…


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