A Female-Only Hotel Has Opened. Now Women Can Finally Get What They Want Most on Vacation – No Affection Whatsoever

Wanna jet off to a spankin’ new hotel in Spain? If the joint you’re wantin’ to hole up in is Som Dona on the island of Majorca, better prepare to flaunt your womanly ways. Sometimes girls need to a break — from all those privileged perverts of the patriarchy. Therefore, Read more…


Homicidal Ukrainian Dwarves, Weird Academic Studies and More: Are We Doomed?

Welcome to Are We Doomed? a weekly column in which I will take the latest news and try to determine if it’s all downhill from here. This week, we’ve dealt with homicidal Ukrainian babywomen with dwarfism, a really weird “academic” study, and the stupidity of cancel culture. On the plus side, we’ve Read more…


A Gen Z’er Schools You Slobs: You’ve Been Hurting Women’s Brains by Using This Common – and Terrible – Term (Video)

Hey guys — I mean, zhes, here’s something you need to know: It’s inconsiderate to use the term “guys” when addressing a group that includes females. So says NowThis producer Foluké Tuakli. The energetic instructor points out that using the word ignores its “cognitive impact on women.” Wait a minute Read more…


Another Patriarchal Conquest: Chanel Beauty Announces The Face of Their New Makeup Campaign, and it Isn’t Female

Chanel Beauty has a new face, and it’s a man’s. An area once reserved for women is going the way of girls’ athletics as the patriarchal male domination continues. As brought to light by Instyle: Teddy Quinlivan is no stranger to fronting beauty campaigns, but her latest gig is not Read more…


A Popular Meme Points Out the Idiocy of Democratic Dissent as Women Long to Be Free as Guns

First of all, in case you missed it: “Best & Stupidest This Week: The UK Wars With Cutlery, Offers Knife-Free Chicken Boxes & Tales Of Murder For Dinner.” And now: American politics could really be an interesting place: Imagine two sides with very different ideologies, frequently and thoughtfully debating the Read more…


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