To Date Almost 900 Abortion Clinics Have Lost Their Federal Funding Due To Trump’s Abortion Rules

As promised, President Trump recently guided his administration to move toward a more pro-life (or at least neutral) stance on federal abortion funding. The new rules strip Title X funding of any “reproductive healthcare” centers that provide abortion referrals. It was a response to the decades-long argument that pro-life taxpayer Read more…


Planned Parenthood has Become Embedded in Hollywood to Promote Onscreen Abortions

image by RedState While claiming to downplay the importance of terminations, PPFA has become an entrenched fixture in entertainment. There has always been a bond between Hollywood and Planned Parenthood. Abortion is something of a sacrosanct act with the celebrity set out there and there has been no shortage of Read more…


New Planned Parenthood Characterized As a “Regional Haven”… for Whom?

As we’ve covered previously here at RedState, earlier this year, Missouri passed a “Heartbeat Bill” which is one of the strongest pro-life measures in the nation.  As described by Representative Nick Schroer, who sponsored the bill: “It starts off with a roughly eight-week abortion ban, once the heartbeat or brain Read more…


Elizabeth Warren Makes a Joke of Herself by Doing the Worst Thing Possible After Denouncing Lobbying as ‘Legalized Bribery’

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at the Iowa State Fair, Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/John Locher) Here’s an odd way to go about things. On Monday, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren revealed an anti-corruption plan that would instigate a “cooling off” period for Read more…


Planned Parenthood is Trying to Silence Its Former President, and That Raises Questions

Planned Parenthood is an organization that has shrowded itself and for good reason. As recent events have shown us, not only are many clinics not up to par in terms of cleanliness, even to the point where veterinarian hospitals are less filthy, sting operations have shown Planned Parenthood official taking Read more…


Planned Parenthood Is Now Aiming to Teach Your Child to be Transgender

If it can’t succeed in killing the child, then Planned Parenthood will try its level best to ruin their lives. According to Fox News, the abortion giant is now advising parents on how to teach preschoolers about their bodies via their website, by telling them that “boy” and “girl” are Read more…


Former Sex Educator: Planned Parenthood is Grooming Girls for Abortion Via the Public Education System

Monica Cline — who worked as a sexual health education instructor for Planned Parenthood for ten years — claims young girls are being groomed for abortion via public education. So reports The Daily Caller. Monica began her career in 1996 as an HIV prevention educator the Center for Health Training. Read more…


The Music Industry Comes Together to Fight the Injustice of Abortion Laws – See if Your Favorite Singers Made the Cut

Previously, Hollywood’s rallied against states’ restrictive abortion laws (here). Now the music industry is speaking out. Via a full-page ad in Billboard, over 130 recording artists are taking a stand against pro-life legislation. The campaign — “Band Together, Bans Off” — is a studded alliance with Planned Parenthood’s #BansOffMyBody. A Read more…


The Washington Post Smears Pro-Lifers As White Supremacists Because No One Is Safe

The Washington Post is just awful. If you’d like more evidence of that, here’s a piece they put out today tying pro-lifers to white supremacy and suggesting that J.D. Vance subscribes to the white nationalist replacement theory. The author of the article is someone names Marissa Brostoff, who epitomizes the Read more…


Promises Made, Promises Kept! Trump Administration Takes Away Federal Title X Funding For Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

by The Scoop August 21, 2019 This is a HUGE win for the pro-life movement. The Trump Administration has implemented a new rule that bans all federal Title X funding for immoral companies like Planned Parenthood that perform abortion services. WATCH the video below for full details: You Might Like


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