Could UNION Backed Loan Of $10 MIL By Amalgamated Bank Be Funding New And Possibly Violent Protest

In a recent report on, we introduced to you the questionable practices of Amalgamated Bank that houses almost all UNION contribution accounts and pension funds of hard working Americans and Canadians. The bank itself is unapologetically a Democrat bank that offers “political investment” products. RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Mueller May Have Read more…


MSM: Censorship Tool Of Nazis, Dictators, And The Democrats

It’s 2019 and the whole planet, aside from self-declared communist nations like China, is filled with people that believe they are free. Free to express their thoughts with art, words, and music. In short, this is false. All nations on the planet differ from the United States of America in Read more…


New Report: Jew Hatred On Campus Hits Historic Levels

Higher education institutions are notoriously some of the most prominent bastions of liberalism in the United States. Lockstep with far-left Democrat lawmakers, faculty in colleges and universities across the nation are using their platform to indoctrinate students with anti-Semitic ideology. According to a new report published in September by the nonprofit AMCHA Initiative, anti-Semitic Read more…


Microsoft President Demands Governments Regulate ‘Unstoppable’ Killer Robots

Artificial intelligence now poses an unprecedented, lethal threat to human civilization and warrants government regulation, warns the president and chief legal officer of Microsoft. Global employment of “lethal autonomous weapon systems” also known as killer robots, now present a myriad of ethical dilemmas that must urgently be addressed by governments, Read more…


Proud Boys: Patriots Will Rally in Portland Until Mayor Wheeler Declares Antifa an Enemy and Restores Order

Organizers of the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally vow to continue demonstrating in Portland, Oregon every month until the city’s Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler outlaws the militant leftist group Antifa.   Violent Antifa protests broke out in Portland Saturday as members of the Proud Boys, who organized the “End Domestic Terrorism” Read more…


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