Black Security Guard Fired From High School After Telling Student Not to Call Him the N-Word Gets Last Laugh

Marlon Anderson. Screen grab via WFMY. There’s good news this week for Marlon Anderson, the black security guard at a high school in Wisconsin who earlier this month lost his job after telling a combative student who was calling him the n-word to stop using the word. The Associated Press Read more…


Journalists are Amused by the Irony of Canadian PM ‘Jussie Trudeau’ Winning a Minority Government

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau managed to squeak out a narrow victory on Monday night, winning a minority government. Trudeau prevailed over his Conservative rival, Andrew Scheer, to win a second term. Late polls showed a very tight race. Given the numerous photos and videos showing Trudeau in black and Read more…


Beto O’Rourke Told a Room Full of Democrats That You – Yes You – Are a Racist

Beto O’Rourke by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original Democratic 2020 candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is so woke that he’s officially become the wokest candidate among the pack. What’s more, he can’t wait to show you how woke he is. While addressing the Alabama Democratic Conference’s semi-annual convention in Birmingham, Read more…


Trump’s Policies are Making Black Women Obese, ‘Kill Our People,’ Says Angry (Obese) Rutgers Gender Studies Professor

Photo Credit: Last month, Rutgers University gender studies professor Brittany Cooper appeared on an episode of the Oprah network’s show “Black Women OWN the Conversation.” She participated in a panel discussion about why so many black women are obese. In case any of you missed it, she made the connection Read more…


Black High School Security Guard Booted After Warning Black Student Not to Call Him The N-Word Gets Good News

Marlon Anderson. Screen grab via WFMY. In a clear case of a zero tolerance policy running amok, a black security guard at a high school in Madison, Wisconsin was canned this week because he told a confrontational student to stop calling him the n-word. NBC News reports: [Marlon] Anderson told Read more…


A University of Illinois Professor Posts an ‘Anti-Racist’ Biologist Job Opening That Will Blow Your Mind. Or Save the World

If two trains leave Tulsa at 3 p.m., 1 traveling at 75 mph and the other 85, and if the first goes east and the other west, how long will it take for them to be 487 miles apart? The answer: White cisgender b*st*rds have systematically subjugated all others through Read more…


SJWs Are Now Going After Dungeons & Dragons for a Very Stupid Reason

One of two things has to be true about social justice warriors and the things they complain about. Either they’ve never played the games or experienced the media they’re “outraged” about, or they live so deeply in their own world that it puts them into a sort of psychosis, forcing Read more…


Little Girl Busts Justin Trudeau With Awkward Question: ‘Why Did You Paint Your Face Brown?’

Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been making the rounds of media events, trying to make amends, since he became embroiled in a blackface scandal, prior to the election for PM on October 21. One stop was on the Facebook Watch show, “New Mom, Who Dis?.” But when the Read more…


Seattle Public Education Posts Its White-Privilege ‘Math Ethnic Studies Framework,’ and It Just May Blow Your Mind

Does wokeness not add up to you? If you think 2 2 = 4, you might just be a sick oppressive b*st*rd. As reported by The American Conservative, the Seattle public school system is teaching kids that math is more than numbers and objective reality. It’s also about, well, I’ll Read more…


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