October Jobs Report Is a Blowout Success, Beclowning Economists and Putting a Strong Wind Into Trump’s Reelection Campaign

(AP Photo/Kevin Hagen; The October jobs report is out and it is little short of phenomenal. Significantly exceeding expectations, the U.S. economy added 128,000 new jobs in October. An additional 95,000 jobs in upward revisions for August and September show a stronger labor market than previously reported. “The unemployment rate Read more…


BREAKING: DOJ IG Report Due Out Friday, Will Cover More Than FISA Abuse

Quick bit of breaking news just dropped. About a month ago, IG Horowitz announced he had finished his report dealing with the Trump-Russia investigation, which most assumed would only cover possible FISA abuse. Now we are getting word it’s coming out this Friday. 🚨 BREAKING 🚨 The DOJ IG Report Read more…


Here’s the Problem With the Now Released “Whistle-Blower” Complaint

As my colleague Joe Cunningham wrote this morning, the much-sought whistle-blower complaint against President Trump has been released. This followed a feverous pursuit of impeachment based on a phone call with the Ukrainian president in which no illicitness is even shown. Sure, you have people straining to proclaim what President Read more…


Jeffrey Epstein Had a Painting of Bill Clinton In a Blue Dress For Some Reason

A new report, including pictures, came out today exposing that Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton on the wall of his New York mansion. That would be weird enough, but the painting also included the odd detail of the former President posing while wearing a blue dress. I Read more…


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