Surrender: City of San Francisco Suddenly Figures Out They Can’t Win Their Latest War Against the NRA

Last month, streiff wrote about a resolution passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that formally declared the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization.” The resolution was inspired by the mass shooting in Gilroy, CA on July 28th that killed 3 and wounded 17. Though the NRA had nothing to Read more…


Marble Halls & Silver Screens w/Sarah Lee Ep. 7: The ‘Impeachment, American Dreamer, and Hard Street Drugs’ Edition

Homelessness and open drug use are rampant in the Golden State. Morning, gang. Recorded a good show last night that I hope tells you all you’d ever want to know about what’s going on with this “impeachment inquiry” the Democrats have come up with to make it look like they’re Read more…


UNHINGED Liberals: NRA Is Labeled As A ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’ By The San Francisco Board Of Supervisors (VIDEO)

UNHINGED Liberals: NRA Is Labeled As A ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’ By The San Francisco Board Of Supervisors (VIDEO) by The Scoop September 5, 2019 San Francisco is a drug-infested hell-hole covered with human feces and thousands of homeless people. But instead of addressing those actual issues, the far-left Democrat San Read more…


If You Are an NRA Member San Francisco Just Declared You to Be a Literal Terrorist

Yesterday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors crawled over the mounds of feces, threaded their way through a forest of contaminated hypodermic needles and circumnavigated the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks to convene for a very important meeting. They voted unanimously to declare the nation’s largest Second Amendment group a Read more…


San Francisco Solves Its Heinous Criminal Problem in a Flash with the Democrats’ Newest, Deadliest Weapon

San Francisco is very, very woke. And now, America’s favorite political insomniac is adorned with some spiffy new terms for its lawfully-challenged chums. If you’re of the criminal persuasion, as relayed by the San Francisco Chronicle, man — has San Fran got a new vocabulary for you. Thanks to a non-binding resolution Read more…


Texas Has a Growing Homeless Problem, and California May Shoulder a Good Deal of Blame

The issue of homelessness in Texas has been on the rise, specifically in its capital of Austin. According to the Washington Post, staunch Democrats in Austin have expressed a desire to switch parties purely out of the way the city has handled homelessness, which lately, includes allowing them to sleep Read more…


Pants on Fire: Not Even Politifact Is Buying What Gavin Newsom Is Selling on San Francisco’s Homeless Problem

Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks at his gubernatorial campaign’s primary night watch party in San Francisco, Tuesday, June 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) When it comes to addressing serious problems in their own backyards, Democrats typically default to blaming Republicans in an effort to avoid responsibility for the consequences Read more…


San Francisco School Board Won’t Destroy Controversial Washington Mural, But They Will Cover it Up

Back in June a San Francisco school board kicked up controversy when it voted to remove an historical painting of George Washington from a local high school named after America’s first president. The painting – “Life of George Washington” by  Russian-American artist Victor Arnautoff – depicts the life journey of Read more…


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