The Private Sector Is Yet Again Rushing to Save Us from Government

The answer to everything even remotely policy-related – is less government. Because the original sin of everything even remotely policy-related – is too much government. Want to solve our health care “crisis” – ???  Undo the original government sins. After World War II – taxes were kept at during-WW II Read more…


Trump Is Correct on Net Neutrality Court Win – But That Wasn’t the Whole Ruling

President Donald Trump early Monday morning Tweeted: “We just WON the big court case on Net Neutrality Rules! A great win for the future and speed of the internet. Will lead to many big things including 5G. Congratulations to the FCC and its Chairman, Ajit Pai!” All of which is Read more…


Almost All ‘Research’ ‘Studies’ – Forcefully Draw Liquids Through Straws

One of the largest, ongoing, rolling government scams? Using taxpayer money to fund “research” – so as to generate “studies.” And governments spend a LOT of our money – on “research” to generate “studies.” Who Pays for Science?: “Today, we all do. Most scientific research is funded by government grants….” Read more…


5G Wireless Makes Government Broadband Even Dumber and More Dishonest Policy

One of the very MANY problems with government regulating the private sector – is it immediately halts or severely retards private sector progress. For the regulations to be even remotely pertinent – the private sector must be forced to remain exactly as it is.  So as to allow titanically slow Read more…


Dave Chappelle and Big Tech Rotten Tomatoes: Everyone Is Biased About Everything

My last actual gig prior to venturing out and founding Less Government – was at the Media Research Center (MRC). I described MRCs toil as: “We work to expose and catalogue Leftist media bias.”  And then always added “We’re understaffed.” But I have always held what I know was a Read more…


Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren – Has a Lot of Really Terrible Ideas

Translucent Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren dined out for decades and made millions of dollars – lying about being an American Indian. Lyingly laying claim to much more melanin than she actually possesses – is but one of many, many awful things to which Warren has dedicated much of her Read more…


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