Climate Protester Climbs on Top of an Airplane and Does Not Help the Cause.

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) You have to hand it to these climate protestors: They pull these stunts that they think will bring attention to their cause (they do) and also bring sympathy (they DO NOT) and gain them recruits. Nope. A really fun group called Extinction Rebellion has been staging protests Read more…


There’s a Reason Everyone Thought the “Eat the Babies” Woman at AOC’s Town Hall Was Real

Have you ever heard of “Poe’s Law?” It’s when someone is doing satire or parodying a subject, but despite the fact that you set out to exaggerate something using comedy, people actually believe the thing you’re doing is real. If you need an example, then I present to you the Read more…


Snopes Shills for Joe Biden Again, Babylon Bee Roasts Them

In this July 20, 2019, photo, former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in an electrical workers union hall in Las Vegas. Biden is proposing a sweeping criminal justice agenda that would reverse key provisions of the 1994 crime bill he helped author Read more…


New Comedy Central Series Based in Chicago Will Intentionally Avoid Any Mention of the Jussie Smollett Story

Show creators deem the issue untouchable – “There’s nothing funny about it.” In the Comedy Central program “South Side” — midway through its inaugural season — they have shown a willingness to feature real-life stories and characters involving the setting of program, the city of Chicago. However, in a recent Read more…


Snopes Continues Whining that Satire Site Babylon Bee is ‘Factually Incorrect’

Gather ’round, kids, for story-telling time so your Aunt Sarah can tell you tales from her Generation X-era of the early days of the World Wide Web — that’s what we used to call the internet! Way back in 1994 — before many of you were even born! — David Read more…


President Trump Lashes Out at Hollywood Over Universal’s Violent MAGA-Killer, ‘The Hunt’: It’s Tinseltown That’s Racist

Have you heard of Universal’s upcoming film The Hunt? Here’s how Fox News sums it up: The Hunt, which initially was going to be titled Red State vs. Blue State, is billed as a satire that follows wealthy thrill-seekers as they take a private jet to a five-star resort, where they Read more…


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