Ben Carson Tells a Representative to Grow up Over ‘Big Hairy Men’ Comment – ‘We Need to be More Mature Than That’

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson meets with city and housing officials inside a shelter in Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Carson said Wednesday he expects to release a policy agenda within the next few months that delivers “bang for the buck,” partly by encouraging more private-sector collaboration. Read more…


Mother Sues Polyamorous Gay Lovers Over Son’s Sex Slave Injections to Make His Scrotum the Size of a Basketball

You know how when you’re injecting your penis and testicles with silicone and you…oh, sorry — I should probably start from the beginning. Tank Hafertepen was living with his five polyamorous fetishistic boyfriends, including the group’s “master,” Dylan Hafertepen, who dictatorially ruled the submissive “pups.” Both pup Tank and Master Read more…


A Female-Only Hotel Has Opened. Now Women Can Finally Get What They Want Most on Vacation – No Affection Whatsoever

Wanna jet off to a spankin’ new hotel in Spain? If the joint you’re wantin’ to hole up in is Som Dona on the island of Majorca, better prepare to flaunt your womanly ways. Sometimes girls need to a break — from all those privileged perverts of the patriarchy. Therefore, Read more…

New Video Shows Male Track Runners Absolutely Blow Away a Woman at the World Athletic Championships

[Screenshot from Twitter, cropped,] In my opinion, some people in politics and entertainment are putting into one heap two things which don’t belong together: people’s rights to present themselves as they wish, and men’s rights to invade women’s sports and beat the stew out of them. Irony: It’s being Read more…


Portland Bans Urinals to Respect ‘Shared Values,’ Charges Taxpayers $200M. Plus: A Mind-Bending History of Gender Rules

I’m confused. I can’t quite make out what’s happening. First, we were told calling out someone’s gender is wrong — waitress, waiter, etc. Then we were told gender doesn’t exist — it’s a social construct. Then we were told gender is inherent, therefore people can legally change theirs with medical Read more…


Mattel Releases a Gender Fluid Doll Playset for Kids – to ‘Encourage People to Think More Broadly’

[Screenshot from Mattel Francais,] It’s finally here: On Wednesday, Mattel launched its revolutionary new line of dolls. In a move the company believes to be surrendering to the demands of children, the toymaker behind Thomas & Friends and Power Wheels brings to a toy box near you Creatable World Read more…


Dear Leftists, Help Me Understand How Sexual Displays Convey Arguments

Sex sells, but it also repels. I feel like the left using sexual displays and exhibitionism in conjunction with political functions has increased quite a bit over the past decade, and I’ve never understood it. As I wrote back in 2016, the left’s use of nudity never made me want Read more…


Over a Hundred People are Arrested in a Central Ohio Sex and Human Trafficking Sting

Wow. In Ohio, over 30 law enforcement agencies have come together to expose a gigantic sex trafficking ring, and the participants run the gamut. A large-scale sting by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force blew off the doors in three counties — Franklin, Delaware, and Fairfield. According to Maj. Read more…


AOC Fights the Racism of Heterosexuality, Bails Out Antifa, and Buries Her Virtue So Deep Jacques Cousteau Couldn’t Find It

On Saturday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to bat for battiness. As I covered on the 31st, Boston’s Straight Pride Parade flexed its feathers despite protests (here). Oddly, some accused parade participants of bigotry. Witness an ode to contemporary idiocy: A group of people tries to shout down a point of view Read more…


How Is Lowering Standards In Industries to Attract Women Not Insulting to Them?

It’s been happening for some time now, but I recently saw two examples of how standards are being lowered in various places so that women can more easily become a part of the whatever organization, business, or field they’re lowering their standards in. The places that do lower their standards Read more…


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