“We’re Not Giving Up on You”: Watch as Georgia Police Talk Down a Suicidal Father

Depression is a serial murderer, and it can cause irrationality in otherwise sane minds, lying to them and leading them down a dark path that too often results in suicide. No one sees this more often than your local police force, who are often called to scenes in order to Read more…


No, It’s Not Dave Chappelle’s Fault That a Transgender Comedian Committed Suicide

Transgender comedian Daphne Dorman sadly committed suicide after posting a goodbye note to Facebook on Friday. Dorman was recently in the media when mentioned by Dave Chappelle during his most recent comedy special as a friend, but the media has now run with this mention by Chappelle as the reason Read more…


A Star Travels to Israel, Where She’s Baptized and Replenished. The Outrage Mob Forces Her to Apologize for Opposing Palestine

We’re living in a bizarre time. And by bizarre, I mean dumb. The era of outrage has given way to the era of pressured apology. Not long ago in America, the online and media atmosphere was extremely different. People did what they did, and mostly, nobody cared. There was no Read more…


Planned Parenthood Is Now Aiming to Teach Your Child to be Transgender

If it can’t succeed in killing the child, then Planned Parenthood will try its level best to ruin their lives. According to Fox News, the abortion giant is now advising parents on how to teach preschoolers about their bodies via their website, by telling them that “boy” and “girl” are Read more…


Epstein Footage from Outside His Cell Is Too Damaged to be Usable Say Investigators

FILE- In this July 30, 2008 file photo, Jeffrey Epstein is shown in custody in West Palm Beach, Fla. Labor Secretary nominee Alexander Acosta is expected to face questions at his Senate confirmation hearing about an unusual plea deal he oversaw for Epstein, a Florida billionaire and sex offender, as Read more…


Epstein’s Death Was Announced On 4Chan 45 Minutes Before the Public Announcement

screengrab from https://youtu.be/zHmhGR3djYg Investigations are now underway as to who the anonymous message board site 4Chan knew of Epstein’s death 45 minutes before it was announced to the general public. According to BuzzFeed, the New York Fire Department initially thought one of their own posted the information to the site Read more…


A Computer Was Removed From Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Before FBI Raid, Drone Footage Shows

Drone footage captured of financier and now deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedo island” home that showed the home contained a computer and hard drive sitting on a desk that mysteriously disappeared before the FBI raid took place. As you can see in this video, a drone flew to the island Read more…


Police Double Down, Claim Epstein Hanged Himself With Prison Bedsheet Amid Widespread Speculation

Amid widespread doubt and speculation around accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “suicide,” law enforcement officials reportedly maintain billionaire financier killed himself with a noose he made out of a bed sheet. “Epstein was found hanging in his Lower Manhattan jail cell with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck Read more…


Questions Remain Concerning Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Death: Suicide, Murder or Intercept?

According to exclusive sources and interviews there is speculation if the deceased person that was wheeled into the hospital was that of Jeffery Epstein. This would give merit to the speculation and anatomical analysis coming from all ends of the internet but there is evidence that indicates foul play in Read more…


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