Watch: Footage Shows ISIS Island Stronghold Blown to Smithereens by the US Military

There’s something about watching ISIS getting blown up that puts a pep in your step and a bit of a smile on your morning. On Tuesday, the United States military attacked an island said to be “infested with ISIS,” and thankfully but on a show of bombing it. According to Read more…


Taliban Diaries: Al-Qaeda, Comey, Mueller, Osama bin Laden, Rep. Omar And 9/11

Another outrage deflecting from substantial issues our nation is addressing is #TalibanTrump. This is the most outrage I have seen since “President Trump got two scoops of ice-cream while everyone else got one”, and it’s also coming from the half-baked knowledge of the right too. On Saturday, President Trump tweeted Read more…


Julian ‘Men Can Get Pregnant and Tornadoes are Racist’ Castro Slams Trump – the President’s ‘Bizarre’

On Sunday, 2020 Democratic lunger Julián Castro insulted Trump over his negotiation efforts related to the Taliban and leaders of Afghanistan. A secret meeting had originally been planned, but it was ultimately canceled, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling any talks “dead” “for the time being.” Hence, Julián tried Read more…


It is Time To Leave Afghanistan and the People Wetting Themselves Over Trump Meeting With the Taliban Need To Grow Up

As my colleague Bonchie noted just a little earlier today, we’ve reached a point in our national discourse where it is impossible for President Trump to do virtually anything without a) the left and the media going utterly batsh** crazy and b) the NeverTrumpers and Vichy Republicans engaging in a Read more…


Those Freaking Out About Negotiating With the Taliban Need a Better Argument

Yesterday, a major story broke via Donald Trump’s Twitter feed involving the war in Afghanistan. He announced that he had cancelled a major negotiating meeting between the US and Taliban at Camp David. This came not he heels of the Taliban bragging about carrying out a terrorist attack in Kabul. Read more…


Dozens Killed In Afghanistan Wedding Hall Explosion As Concerns Mount Over Precipitous US Withdrawal

Dozens of people were reportedly killed and more wounded Saturday in an explosion that detonated through a wedding hall in Kabul, Afghanistan. Hundreds were inside the Dubai wedding hall in a region where the minority Shiite Hazara community predominantly reside, ABC News reports. According to the Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Read more…


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