India Reminds: What DC Has Long Pretended Is ‘Free Trade’ – Is Not Free Trade

Washington, D.C.’s very swampy denizens have spent the last half-century-plus perpetrating a panoply of frauds against We the People. Perhaps the most Gaslight-y of them all – has been DCs fake free trade. We the People have watched DCs fake free trade – dispatch millions of our jobs and trillions Read more…


JP Morgan Launches ‘Volfefe’ Index To Track How Trump’s Tweets Electrify Money Market

Traders at JPMorgan Chase & Co have designed a new index which solely monitors and quantifies the ramifications President Donald Trump’s tweets have on the financial market and interest rates. JP Morgan, one of the largest Wall Street banks, developed the new volatility model, which it calls the “Volfefe Index” in reference Read more…


Trump’s Response To China’s Trade War On The U.S. Is Working

In a story entitled “Investors are pulling billions out of Chinese stocks and the bleeding is unlikely to stop anytime soon,” Business Insider touts yet another indicator that President Trump’s tariff response to China’s Trade War against the U.S. is working. The Critical Bullet Points * Investors are pulling billions Read more…


International Trade – Is Rife with Omni-Directional Anti-Free Trade Practices

One characteristic of humans – is we each view the world through our personal prism.  Perfectly understandable – how else would we? But it can lead to difficulties. If you are an honest and honorable person – you tend to look at everyone else as being honest and honorable. You Read more…


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