NCAA Names a Man Their “Female Athlete of the Week,” Leaves Out a Few Key Details About Him

Jonathan Eastwood loved to compete in track, and was rather good at it. After he became “June” in middle school, and began identifying himself as a girl, his interest continued, and now he competes as a girl against real girls for the University of Montana. You may not be surprised Read more…


Ben Carson Tells a Representative to Grow up Over ‘Big Hairy Men’ Comment – ‘We Need to be More Mature Than That’

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson meets with city and housing officials inside a shelter in Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Carson said Wednesday he expects to release a policy agenda within the next few months that delivers “bang for the buck,” partly by encouraging more private-sector collaboration. Read more…


Inclusion: Instead of Removing Venus Symbol, Babylon Bee Has Better Packaging Idea for Always Feminine Products

Did you hear the news? After complaints from LGBTQ groups that their Always line of feminine products weren’t “inclusive” enough, Proctor and Gamble has decided to phase out the use of the female symbol on their packaging … because not everyone who goes through their, ahem, monthly cycle is a Read more…


If Conservatives Can’t Speak Out Against a 7 Year Old Being “Transitioned,” Then What the Heck Is the Point?

Even though we’ve been swamped with impeachment lately, there are still real problems going on in the world. One such example is that of James Younger, a now seven year old boy who’s mother is seeking to transition him into a “girl.” In an inexplicable decision, a Texas Court ruled Read more…


Embrace Our Beliefs or Be Canceled

church from Pixabay, This is a rather mindboggling story:  A mid-Missouri church has taken issue with a local LGBT group for promoting homosexuality and transgenderism and has demanded local businesses cut ties with these sinners immediately. Though the group, which meets weekly at the Main Street Coffeehouse, has been Read more…


BREAKING: Judge Rules Father of James Younger WILL Have Say in Any Gender “Transition” the 7 Year Old Boy’s Mother Seeks

This is a big surprise coming out of the courtroom in Dallas, TX. After days of outcry across the political spectrum (and don’t be fooled, this went far past conservative concerns), Judge Kim Cooks has ruled that Jeffrey Younger, the father of James Younger, will have decisionmaking power over the Read more…


Video Surfaces of “Trans” Child From Texas Custody Battle Saying His Mother Tells Him He’s a Girl

The case of James Younger, a seven-year-old boy from Texas who was recently the central figure in a custody battle between a father trying to protect his son from an abusive mother, has now taken a much larger spotlight on the national stage. The case revolves around James’s supposed decision Read more…


WATCH: Transgender Cyclist Rachel McKinnon Who DOMINATED Competition Responds To Female Competitors Who Say It’s “Unfair” (VIDEO)

WATCH: Transgender Cyclist Rachel McKinnon Who DOMINATED Competition Responds To Female Competitors Who Say It’s “Unfair” (VIDEO) by The Scoop October 23, 2019 In an interview with Sky News, world champion transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon responded to fellow female cyclists who say its “unfair” to biological women for a transgender Read more…


BREAKING: Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Loses Court Battle Against Estheticians That Wouldn’t Wax His Genitals

FILE – In this May 17, 2016 file photo, a new sticker is placed on the door at the ceremonial opening of a gender neutral bathroom at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle. A government official says the Trump administration will revoke guidelines that say transgender students should be allowed Read more…


Better Luck Next Time: Once Again, a Man Pedals Faster at the Women’s World Cycling Championships

[Screenshot from BBC Sport,] Sorry girls, but the best woman is a man. At least, in the world of cycling. So has established the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England. In the Sprint event. In the 35-39 age group, Rachel McKinnon mopped the floor with chicks. Read more…


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