The ADL Labeled the “OK” Symbol White Supremacist and the Internet Is Tearing Them Apart

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has found the largest shark they could and jumped it as they have now labeled the commonly used “OK” sign as a symbol of white supremacy. According to The Hill, the ADL added the hand sign to its “hate on display” database, alongside the burning cross Read more…


Candace Owens Eviscerates White Dems Lecturing Her on White Supremacy – ‘I’ve Been Black in America My Whole Life’

[Screenshot from CSPAN via Twitter,] You know who could use a lecture on white supremacy? A black chick. So arguably believed participants in a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday, wherein white witnesses schooled Candace Owens on the subject. But Candace had a thing or two to say back. Not Read more…


CNN Does Something Absolutely Disgusting On the Anniversary of 9/11

These people have no shame at all. CNN continues its march past the brink of insanity by using the anniversary of 9/11 to push their favorite narrative. Namely, that Republicans are racist and that the real shame of today is that we have “amnesia” by not treating white supremacy seriously. Read more…


Antifa Lunges for Idiot Supremacy – Interrupts an ‘Ending Racism’ Event and Calls a Black Man a White Racist

In life, you can make sense. Or, you can put on a mask, run around and hurt people and break things, use words you can’t define, and make statements that are stunningly daft. Sophie’s choice. For 40 folks in Pennsylvania, the superior option was obvious. Daryl Davis — a black Read more…


Rashida Tlaib Reaches for the Heights of UberDumb: Trump is Afraid of Her Because She’s a Woman…& Not White

On Saturday, Democratic Rep. and Quad Squad member Rashida Tlaib told The Guardian that the President of the United States is chicken. And a moron. That’s my interpretation of this statement: “It’s been very clear to me, especially this last week, that he’s scared of us. He’s afraid of women Read more…


Max Boot Calls National Review White Supremacist Because Everything Is Dumb

used with permission from Ace of Spades Max Boot, who’s notoriety extends to being so continually wrong about foreign policy that he must be actively trying to fail, was the target of a recent National Review article in which he was called out for fanning the flames of racial Read more…


Laurence Tribe Inadvertently Makes the Case That Progressives and White Supremacists Have a Great Deal in Common

CREDIT: Rachel Troyer. Public Domain image. Right now the extreme left, which, unfortunately, covers just about 90% of the Democrat party and 100% of its viable presidential candidates, is tying itself in knots trying to link every possible GOP and conservative issue to racism and/or white supremacism. Immigration control Read more…


Joe Biden’s Hypocrisy About His Own Troubling History Of White Supremacy Resurfaces

Former Vice President Joe Biden mimics shooting a gun as he speaks at the Chuck Hagel Forum in Global Leadership, on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha, in Omaha, Neb., Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) Apparently, white supremacy is the major problem facing America today. If you Read more…


MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance: White Supremacist Mass Shooters Are ‘Foot Soldiers’ Receiving ‘Subliminal Orders’ From Trump

White supremacist “foot soldiers” perceive President Donald Trump’s rhetoric as “subliminal orders in their head,” warns MSNBC’s national security analyst Malcolm Nance. In an interview with MSNBC’s Hardball during a segment on the massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Nance claimed mass shootings in the United States are Read more…


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