“That’s Not Activism”: Barack Obama Slams “Woke” Cancel Culture (VIDEO)

More Accurate than The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC for Two Years and Counting! “That’s Not Activism”: Barack Obama Slams “Woke” Cancel Culture (VIDEO) by The Scoop October 30, 2019 Former President Barack Obama slammed ‘woke’ cancel culture and social media outrage, saying it’s “not activism.” Even a broken clock is Read more…


SJW Wreaks so Much Woke Havoc in the Classroom, Cornell Ejects Her from the Science Program. Now Everyone Can Learn Again

Reportedly, a student at Cornell University social-justiced their way right out of school. Or, at least, out of a school program. They were such an annoyance, the college gave them the boot — from the Alliance for Science fellowship. Julia Feliz — who prefers the pronouns “they” and “them” — Read more…


A University of Illinois Professor Posts an ‘Anti-Racist’ Biologist Job Opening That Will Blow Your Mind. Or Save the World

If two trains leave Tulsa at 3 p.m., 1 traveling at 75 mph and the other 85, and if the first goes east and the other west, how long will it take for them to be 487 miles apart? The answer: White cisgender b*st*rds have systematically subjugated all others through Read more…


A New Study Reveals What Americans Really Think About Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

Do men have an athletic advantage over women? Any given person’s answer to that question will doubtlessly hinge upon one crucial factor: Have they ever met a man and woman? If so, the clear answer is Yes. But what if the man takes hormones? What if he does everything possible Read more…


Seattle Public Education Posts Its White-Privilege ‘Math Ethnic Studies Framework,’ and It Just May Blow Your Mind

Does wokeness not add up to you? If you think 2 2 = 4, you might just be a sick oppressive b*st*rd. As reported by The American Conservative, the Seattle public school system is teaching kids that math is more than numbers and objective reality. It’s also about, well, I’ll Read more…


A Female-Only Hotel Has Opened. Now Women Can Finally Get What They Want Most on Vacation – No Affection Whatsoever

Wanna jet off to a spankin’ new hotel in Spain? If the joint you’re wantin’ to hole up in is Som Dona on the island of Majorca, better prepare to flaunt your womanly ways. Sometimes girls need to a break — from all those privileged perverts of the patriarchy. Therefore, Read more…


Where We Are: Gen Z Vegan Claims Sausage Roll Has Left Her ‘Traumatized for Life’ and Possibly Stricken with Cancer

Does the younger generation strike you as sort of…different? In the 1940’s, young men volunteered to go to a foreign land and get their heads directly shot at, because they loved — and wanted to fight to the death for — their country. America was a place of rugged individualism. Read more…


CNN Finds Themselves the Recipient of Woke On Woke Violence

Wokeness was always going to inevitably lead to the Democrats eating their own and the latest example of that comes courtesy of CNN. They decided to run a fluff piece on the heroic actions of five Democrat Congresswomen who back impeachment. The problem? See if you can spot it. These five freshman Read more…

Bill Maher Blasts Cancel Culture: SJW’s Don’t Want Justice. They Want Scalps

In a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine, Real Time host Bill Maher spoke out on the increasing intensity of cancel culture. To Bill — and, possibly, you — this present generation is weak. But here’s an oddity: a group known for their fragility has become a muscled Read more…


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