A YouTube channel allegedly belonging to whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid features ‘liked’ videos about “Disney girls.”

The channel, which is named MarkSZaidEsq, contains uploads of clips featuring Zaid, including interviews on Russia Today, that stretch back over 10 years.

However, it also shows videos the channel owner ‘liked’, including one called ‘Top 10 prettiest disney channel stars’, which shows Disney stars transitioning from children to adults.

One does not need kids to be all the Disney one needs and wants to be pic.twitter.com/3Fymj86zKG

— Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) February 11, 2018

Take the test. How many Disney films have you seen @sam_vinograd, @AshaRangappa_?

You can’t beat me. I’ve seen them all. Multiple times. 😁 pic.twitter.com/aP6GGoBas4

— Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) February 11, 2018

He also hangs out in water parks for kids: pic.twitter.com/QxmCRVLOev

— Jewish Deplorable 🇺🇸 (@TrumpJew) November 7, 2019

Other liked videos include ‘Top 10 Disney Girls’ and one called ‘Selena Gomez from child to women’.

The channel could belong to someone other than Zaid himself, although the fact it was created over 10 years ago and features uploads of Zaid’s media appearances, none of which have over 700 views, suggests it could be his. – READ MORE


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