IT BEGINS: Now Facebook Is Threatening to Delete Accounts that Publish Trump Campaign Rallies — Saying It’s “Clickbait”

Jim Hoft
by Jim Hoft
November 9, 2019

As we reported on Thursday…

Democrats are using an anonymous anti-Trump CIA operative in their latest attempt to impeach US President Donald Trump.

It has widely been reported in the past week that Eric Ciaramella is the name of the anti-Trump CIA whistleblower.

Donald Trump Jr. even tweeted out the Ciaramella’s name.

Democrats know if Eric Ciaramella’s far left associations and background is disseminated their chances to impeach President Trump are widely diminished.

PLEASE REVIEW: The Complete List of DNC “Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella’s Ties to Top Democrats WILL SHOCK YOU!

Democrats, their fake news media outlets and the social media giants do not want Eric Ciaramella’s name released.

On Wednesday night The Gateway Pundit received several warnings from Facebook that we violated community standards and our account is “at risk of being unpublished.”

In 2016 The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential conservative publisher in the US during the presidential election.

We were also notified from our readers that anyone who reposted our articles were ALSO THREATENED to be unpublished.

And we are not alone.

On Thursday morning David J Harris Jr. also reported that his Facebook page was being threatened.

David described it as a “modern day lynching.”

His account has since been taken down.  Facebook was threatened by this African-American Trump supporter.

This would be modern day lynching! @facebook is threatening to unpublish my page with no explanation!!!

Is it because I support @realDonaldTrump? Because I don’t vote Democrat? #DavidJHarrisJr

— David J Harris Jr (@DavidJHarrisJr) November 7, 2019

And Sean Adl-Tabatabai wrote The Gateway Pundit and said his Facebook page is ALSO UNDER THREAT of being removed for posting Eric Ciaramella’s name.

For the record– It is NOT against the law to publish the name of the anti-Trump whistleblower… That is a lie pushed by the liberal media.

Another TGP reader –Lisa Renee Wood – wrote in to tell us her Facebook page was suspended for posting a whistleblower meme!

UPDATE—  On Friday Facebook ADMITTED they were deleting any mention of the anti-Trump CIA whistleblower.

Facebook admitted to preventing Americans from seeing the truth.

Facebook admitted to working with the DNC.

Via CNN’s Oliver Darcy—–

Facebook says it is removing “any and all mention of the potential whistleblower’s name” from its platform.

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) November 8, 2019

Now this…

Facebeook is also threatening users who post video of President Trump’s campaign rallies.

Facebook says this is “clickbait” a new excuse they are using to ban conservatives.

Via John Colaw and Conservative Newsroom:

Reporting on Trump rallies is now considered “clickbait!”

It is now clear that the Democrat Party, the far left news media and now social media giants are working in unison against this president.

They are banning anyone who names the anti-Trump whistleblower and blocking reports on his massive rallies


We cannot allow these far left institutions to eliminate free press and freedom of speech in America.