Even in death, Jeffrey Epstein has friends in high places.

As it turns out, it’s not just ABC News that protected him years ago by killing an exposé into his monstrous predation. Now, CBS News is in on the game. The rival network, or should I say colluding partner, just fired a staffer who had previously worked at ABC, who allegedly poached and made public the damning footage of anchor Amy Robach confessing that her higher-ups spiked the story.

That’s right: ABC outed a whistleblower for retaliation, and CBS obliged by retaliating. Her act of journalistic heroism got her fired — surely permanently — from television network news, which is fitting in a strange way.

The corporate media has made a calculated decision to lean in on their complicity in protecting powerful sex predators. You could even say they’ve embraced their roles as “enemies of the people.”

Annnd here’s Stelter defending ABC. The media janitor again suggested WE the people are the problem -> “Tuesday’s video clip caused widespread outrage, particularly on the right, with many commenters using it to stoke hatred of the media writ large.” https://t.co/3jQKVwubJi pic.twitter.com/LgGreL7Ucw

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) November 6, 2019

Integrity comes at a steep price. For every anonymous ABC staffer willing to sacrifice herself for the truth, there are dozens of millionaire news executives and media stars happy to throw such people and all their work under the bus. For every media reporter such as Yashar Ali who has investigated the malfeasance of ABC and CBS News with unabashed fervor, there are entire reporting teams at CNN who prefer to vilify conservatives for their anger at the media corruption that made Epstein’s infamy possible. – READ MORE


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